EchoRFID's Partners

ProStar is a provider of precision asset management and damage prevention solutions that serve the utility and pipeline construction industries. The Company's focus is to improve the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of the linear asset data lifecycle. ProStar's patented and award winning processes, utilize modern GPS centric, Cloud and Mobile technologies in order to enhance all aspects of current utility asset management and damage prevention practices. Implementation of ProStar solutions, streamline the data management process and provide better information which, in turn makes for better decisions in the field where the worker, the public and the environment are a concern. ProStar was formed in 2004 and has offices in Grand Junction, Colorado USA and Vancouver, B.C Canada.

Omni-ID is the leading supplier of passive low-profile UHF RFID tags. The company is focused on delivering affordable high-performance tags that work reliably in harsh environments, including on, off, and near metals and liquids. Omni-ID technology enables near-perfect accuracy in RFID asset tracking. At Omni-ID, innovation is the key to creating products that meet the real-world challenges of asset tracking, supply chain management, and other important applications that are embracing the transformation of RFID. Continuous innovation drives our commitment to be in the vanguard of that transformation as the world's leading supplier of reliable, affordable, passive RFID tags that work in the harshest environments.

BlueStarGPS offers precision GPS & GNSS receivers designed specifically for the utility and pipeline industry. BlueStarGPS is a leading edge GPS & GNSS solution with advanced performance capable of delivering sub-meter and centimeter accuracy in realtime without post processing. Our receivers offer seamless Bluetooth integration and long battery life providing connectivity with modern mobile devices used in the field. BlueStarGPS has been developed to allow complete autonomy providing infinite possibilities and solutions for precision data collection in any environment, including the most demanding and rugged conditions.

As a pioneer in the industry, ecom has been a major developer of explosion protection for mobile equipment since 1986. Working closely with various testing stations, ecom were instrumental in the original definition of this type of equipment. This has enabled them to develop ground-breaking technology, such as with the world's first explosion-protected mobile phone or the world's first explosion-protected PDA. Ecom is a partner to customers from the most diverse sectors, which include the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining industry, to name but a few.

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